Dribbling And Control

Week 1 Soccer Practice Drills for U7, U8 & U9 Teams

Dribbling, control, and shooting




  • Each player should have a ball
  • Set cones down to make a 50×40 steps field for 12 players
    • If you have more players, make the field larger
    • Anything can be a cone (an article of clothing, a water bottle, any marker)
  • Set cones every 10 steps on the perimeter to allow players to see where the boundaries are
  • Do not set up any goals
  • Demonstrate each drill / game before starting it

Field Setup

Coaching Points


  • Use only your feet
    • Show the players all areas of the foot
      • Top (laces), bottom, outside, inside, heel
  • Keep the ball in bounds
    • Each player should have plenty of space to play in
      • Players will bunch up, keep separating them to avoid collisions and to provide adequate space
  • Keep the ball close to you


Drill 1 – 5 minutes


  • Dribble the ball anywhere within the field of play
  • Use the entire space
    • Do not let players bunch up
  • Keep the ball close to you while running
    • Can the players run and keep the ball under control
    • Players who are walking should be urged to run
    • Players who are running too fast should be urged to slow down in order to stay under control

Drill 2 – 5 minutes


  • Players will still dribble anywhere in the field of play
  • Every 30 or so seconds, call out a different part of the foot the players will use to dribble
    • Inside, Outside, Top (laces), Bottom (Go here to find videos showing these dribbles)
  • After 2 minutes start calling out which foot as well as which part of the foot the players will use to dribble
    • Right inside, left outside, etc.


Drill 3 – Switch – 5 minutes


  • As the players are dribbling, you yell “Switch!”
    • Players stop the ball they are dribbling dead with the bottom of their foot
    • Players then go find another ball to dribble
      • They cannot dribble the ball they just stopped
    • Once they find a ball players dribble again until you yell “Switch!” again


Drill 4 – Stop and Go Move – 10 minutes


  • Demonstrate the Stop-and-Go move
    • Dribble the ball at moderate pace, slightly pull it back with the bottom of your foot, and then burst into a dribble at a faster pace for several steps before slowing down to a moderate pace again
  • Players will again dribble anywhere in the field of play
  • Every 30 seconds or so call out “stop-and-go” and see the players perform the move

Drill 5 – Inside-Out Move – 10 minutes


  • Demonstrate the Inside-Out move
    • As you dribble at a moderate pace, tap the ball with the inside of your foot, and then quickly take a big touch with the outside of your foot, bursting into an accelerated dribble for several steps
  • Players will again dribble anywhere in the field of play
  • Every 30 seconds or so call out “inside-out” and see the players perform the move

Game 1 – Scrimmage/Use a Move – 10 minutes


  • Set up a small goal on each of the end lines of your field
    • Either use Pugg goals, or place two cones/bags/shirts about 3 steps apart from each other
  • Split the players into two equal teams
    • Hand out pennies to one of the teams
  • For the first 5 minutes, demand that either of the two moves must be used before a team can score a goal
  • For the last 5 minutes just let the team play

Week 1 - Level 2 - Scrimmage

Drill – Move and Shoot – 10 minutes


  • Demonstrate proper shooting technique
    • Trap the ball in front of you
    • Take a touch to get the ball 2 to 3 steps ahead of you
    • Run up to the ball, lock your ankle, lean forward so your chest is over the ball, and shoot using either:
      • The inside of your foot to place the ball into the goal (more accuracy less power)
      • The laces to shoot the ball harder (more power less accuracy)
  • Put a goalkeeper in the big goal
    • If you don’t have a goal to work with, place two cones/bags/shirts about 8 big steps apart
  • Players line up about 20 yards away from the goal (put a cone down that players will stand behind)
  • Have the goalie pass the ball to the player
  • Player traps the ball, dribbles towards the goal, beats a defender (you) with a move, and shoots the ball into the goal
    • Just pretend to play defense, don’t try to take the ball from the players
    • Make sure to stand closer to the players receiving the ball than the goalkeeper
      • When the player beats you he should not be right by the goalie, but should have to take a shot from some distance (10 to 15 yards out)
  • Player, not the goalie retrieves the ball and goes to the back of the shooting line

Week 1 - Level 2 - Move n Shoot

Team Talk – 5 minutes

  • Select a team name
    • Suggestion: offer 3 choices and hold a blind vote to see which of the 3 choices is most popular
  • Team cheer
    • 1,2,3 Go “team name”!

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