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10 seconds of pro soccer action broken down into important fundamentals we teach

Earlier this week Atletico Madrid beat Bayern Munich 1-0 in a UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg. The only goal of the game – and now the difference that Bayern has to surmount in their return leg in Munich – came early in the 1st half after a surging dribble through the heart of Bayern’s defense.

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Teaching Individual Defensive Soccer Skills

One of the great things about running a site like soccerdrillsapp.com is that we interact with our followers by receiving feedback or questions from them. This interaction allows us to fill the holes that are either unintentionally left in our practice sets, or we are just starting to scratch the surface of.

Several of our followers have recently sent us a request for ideas on defensive drills. Incidentally, at a practice two nights ago, I overheard some parents talk (parents never complain) about how their kids’ team never works on defense.

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Teaching Team Defensive Soccer Skills

If you haven’t yet, you should read the Individual Defending post first as Team Defending builds on those concepts. If you have, please read on…

Team Defending

All team defending relies on individual defenders being able to handle their assignments.

However, good positioning and communication (often hard to achieve with young players) by teammates can have an enormous impact in helping an individual defender successfully complete the challenge.

Here we offer a couple of drills that can help teams achieve some “team chemistry” when defending, and translate that into a successful transition on offense.

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