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Fan cheering at a soccer game

6 Ways to Pick A Great Soccer Game to Watch With Your Kids

…and spark their desire to go play outside


As parents, most of us try to limit our children’s screen time and get them to play outside. It may be a little counter-intuitive, but watching a truly great soccer game can spark your child’s desire to grab a soccer ball and go out and play, or work on their skills. While nothing beats the “feel” of a real stadium packed with fans cheering on their favorite team, watching on TV can afford you to see the best of the best.

Most of us that grew up watching the soccer greats spent much more time outdoors trying to replicate the sensational moves of Pelé, Maradona, Zidane and many others, or playing the beautiful game with our friends. We were always even more fired up to play right after seeing a great game.


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Coaching Young Soccer Players

5 Tips for Coaching Young Soccer Players

Hint: It doesn’t have to be like herding cats

It is not unusual for a youth soccer coach to come prepared for a very productive practice, or with a great game plan, only to throw the entire plan away when the kids seem to do whatever they want, and not at all what the coach is asking them to do. First of all, when (not if) this happens it does not mean you are a bad coach or that you do not have control of your team. It is just natural for kids to act up a bit, especially when surrounded by their peers.

Coaching young players sure can be challenging, especially in recreational leagues where players join more for the social aspect of the game than the game itself. Here we offer 5 concrete tips that have helped us prevent, or at least minimize, players losing attention.
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